Packaging Solutions to meet varied requirements

mono cartons

Mono Cartons

Mono cartons are designed and developed in varied styles, patterns and dimensions. The color selection and printing of the carton depends on the product type or the type of business segment it belongs to. The team and technology at Vijayshri facilitate you with the customized solution to best compliment your product. Vijayshri team ensures the quality standards and superior finish strength during every manufacturing process. Apart from presentation and quality, product safety is also given full attention. Vijayshri’s plant has capacity to create 15 million cartons per month to meet the requirements of its different clients.

Litho Laminated Cartons

Vijayshri has high-end machines and technology to deliver the superior quality litho-laminated cartons. These cartons possess the higher holding strength as well as cushioning properties which makes them the preferred choice for expensive, fragile or heavy in nature products. Litho-laminated cartons are 3 ply corrugated inner cartons which are exclusively manufactured in multi-colored printing. Vijayshri’s plant is capable of producing 8 million litho-laminated cartons per month.

litholaminated cartons
Window Cartons

Window Cartons

Window cartons are printed in extremely stunning and visually attractive display. These are innovative kind of packaging solutions. Window cartons are light weight in nature and are designed and developed with immaculate finish. A window patch in a design is intended to showcase the product which is packed inside. These are folding cartons either in paper board or litho laminated form with PVC or PET film.   Vijayshri Packaging has an installed capacity of 5 million window cartons per month.

Liner Cartons

Vijayshri has a huge clientele for liner cartons.  It’s a revolutionary carton that keeps the nature of product intact and thus, it is mainly used for eatables, especially liquids, powders and semi-solids (oil, ghee, cheese, milk powder, spices etc.). The packaging done in liner cartons easily taps the consumer mindset of getting a safer product delivered. Liner cartons also prevent product from moisture, thus keeping it fresh. Vijayshri Packaging has an installed capacity of 5 million liner cartons per month.

liner cartons
Corrugated Outers

Corrugated Outers

Corrugated cartons are commonly known as shippers or outers. Vijayshri Packaging exclusively manufactures multi-color 3 ply and 5 ply corrugated cartons. Corrugated cartons are generally used as last packing form for transportation of goods. The top layer in this type of packaging is always printed. Vijayshri is equipped with fully automated 2 ply manufacturing unit installed capacity of 2 million corrugated cartons per year.